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When Marius isn't playing Daz in ETA, they can be found singing, inventing new magic systems, crying over classics essays, and having very strong opinions about ancient Greek geographer Strabo. He also plays Z. in Station Arcadia, and is working on writing his own podcast. Their socials are @thehangedmanrusts on Tumblr and @thevoidsings on Twitter.


Idris VT Arazi is a writer, visual artist, and actor to say the least. They mostly do sci-fi, horror, and fantasy, particularly that which connects to West Asia and North Africa, queerness, and disability. You can find them on Twitter @rosekhawal.


Benja is a writer, musician, artist, and voice actress in her free time; all of which get brought together when acting as Dungeon Master for four of her D&D parties, or when playing a character in the other two. She also spends her time creating and consuming queer content, and fantasizing about living in another galaxy. You can find her and some of her content on her Twitter, @EquesArtis.

behind the scenes


Aesop is the artist behind the cover art of ETA. He is most passionate about being a really cool guy online, naming his Twitch streams atrocious things, and creating art. Find them on Twitter @aesoptheefabled, and watch his art process on Twitch, where his user is colorstream_.


GE is not primarily an audio editor - rather, they are a writer and editor who happens to also be a gifted graphic designer, artist, audio editor, and dog owner. In addition, they are Zeke's roommate, so they had no choice in saying yes to this.


i cannot write a bio for myself to save my life love loses

One Eyed Bastard Frog

I'm a hot young musician who goes to the Maine School of Science and Mathematics. My forthcoming albums have ironic covers. Rebel MC is inside the record. I'm ambitious, sexy, and intelligent. My IQ is 173. I recognize both existential truths and the necessity of politics for a meaningful existence.
Though all meaning is arbitrary it can still be used as a tool just like arbitrary rules can be created to make life "better." I hope you understand.
I hope you recognize that I'm hot, young, that I go to the Maine School of Science and Mathematics, and have ironic album covers. I think you know what all this means.
Mich Oebf