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It's a common human urge to wonder, if only for a second, what we might have done if we were at the scene of something horrible. A lot of people like to think that they would have helped, no matter how unrealistic this urge might be. ETA is about someone who was right to think they'd take action -- a young Londoner called Daz who finds himself travelling home with an American Jew almost every night. However, knocking down a bigot quickly goes from heroic to horrific the train doesn’t stop in Edgeware. Instead, it keeps going into the magical night, leaving the two wondering where they'll go from here.

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You can now listen to the first episode on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, or Radio Public! The next episodes should be available on March 27th and May 1st, but if we seem to be behind schedule, check @mogpods on Twitter for updates. If you'd rather listen in-browser, you can use the web player below:

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